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SOLIDSILK™ Seaweed Shampoo - Case of 12

SOLIDSILK™ Seaweed Shampoo - Case of 12


Ditch the plastic bottle and try switching to the SOLIDSILK™ concentrated shampoo. Infused with seaweed extract and macadamia oil, this shampoo is gentle and moisturizing for your locks. It rinses clean without needing vinegar, even in hard water. Super long-lasting and SLS-free too!

Suitable for all hair types, including color treated hair.


Small 1 oz (28g) - can last 20-40 washes
Large 3 oz (85g) - can last 60-120 washes

How long they can last:

These bars are highly concentrated. You are using your shower water to dilute the product instead of buying a bottle of shampoo that is mostly water.

The length of time each bar lasts depends on proper storage, how often you shampoo, how heavily you use it, hair length, curls and thickness, etc.

Typically for a long haired person with lightly wavy to straight hair who shampoos every 2-3 days, the 1 oz size will last around 1-2 months. The 3 oz size will typically last 3-6 months. These are rough estimates based on customer feedback and will vary per person. 


This product is unpackaged and is wrapped in recyclable paper for shipping. Wholesale orders have a bulk box of 12 units. We recommend to transfer the product to a glass container for display and storage to keep the smell fresh and the product free from dust. 

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