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Wholesale Terms & Conditions - CANADA

Specifically for our Canadian Retailers!

No Tox Life Wholesale Terms and Conditions and Relationship

Thank you for your interest in our brands. We are a mother-daughter team making vegan products more accessible and helping people switch to low waste and zero waste products. We have been in business since Earth Day 2014, and our wholesale partners have been a huge part of our expansion. We formulate and manufacture our products with a focus on creating products that eliminate plastic bottles and excessive water. 

We have a few rules we'd like to make sure we both agree on as we move into this relationship together. 

Copyright & Trademarks:

Our brand image and our products are important to us. We're particular about how our products are displayed, how they are presented online, and about our ingredients and recipes.

We retain all copyright to our products, descriptions and photographs. We retain all trademarks and registered marks, and especially the name NO TOX LIFE™ as it is our business name.

Our international trademarks include: 






We own several brand names. As a wholesale customer, you may be granted temporary permission to use these in limited form at approved locations. Regardless, our recipes, formulas, product names, product descriptions and copy, and product layout and designs are proprietary and no rights whatsoever are granted to use or replicate them under any circumstances. This also means you may not copy them or reverse-engineer the recipes or put your name or label on our products, or re-package our products in your packaging. We do not offer "private label."

Terms of Sale:

Our products are special and we price them accordingly. We do not sell to businesses that routinely sell our products below our suggested retail price (what is shown on our retail website). You may sell above that price at your discretion.

Prices on notoxlife.ca are listed in Canadian Dollars, and may be updated from time to time depending on currency fluctuations and without prior notice.

We do not sell to businesses who do frequent discounting and sales, including “buy one get one” sales.

You may not sell our products through online auctions (for example, eBay), or online third-party marketplaces (such as Amazon, Walmart or Etsy).

We do not accept returns or chargebacks, and all sales are final. Of course, order wholesale for resale only, not for personal use.

We do not offer drop shipping. We expect you will order inventory that you will stock and fulfill to your customers directly. We can ship to your fulfillment center.

Where do we want you to sell? Your own boutique, brick-and-mortar store, subscription gift box, online store, or similar. In other words, a store (either online or in person) that you own and operate yourself as your primary business.


We do not offer exclusivity to any retailer.

We are on a mission to make zero waste products readily available and easily accessible - for this reason we do not allow exclusivity of any kind. We feel that granting exclusivity for example on zero waste dish soap will hinder our goals to continue to offer better and more affordable pricing and grow the zero waste cleaning movement.


Any retail coupons are for retail customers only. Do not use them for wholesale orders. We will cancel and refund any wholesale order placed using retail coupons. 

Minimum Order:

Minimums and shipping prices may be periodically updated. If you have any question about minimums, please ask us.

Shipping Orders:

Shipping is charged at cost plus a small handling fee to cover importing and customs duties. You will receive a tracking link when your order is given to Canada Post; please pay attention to the date of delivery and have someone there to receive it. We have limited time free shipping specials, contact us for details.


We will charge GST on all orders. We will prepay customs fees so your shipment will arrive DDP (delivered duties paid). 

Product Testers:

We can provide testers for some products at an additional discount. Testers may not be full-size and will be labeled “TESTER” clearly on the package. Testers can be invoiced upon request.


We do not accept any returns or exchanges. Wholesale orders are final sale.


If items were damaged in transit, let us know immediately and provide photographic evidence so we can file an insurance claim with the carrier. Photos of the damaged product, the outer package, and the packing slip will be most helpful.

Product Care:

Our face, body and home cleaning products are made fresh. For the freshest-smelling products, we recommend selling items within 1-2 years. The soaps and deodorants have a shelf life of 3-5 years if stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, although the scent may fade over time. The oils, butters, lip balms and more delicate products should be used within 1-2 years. The facial oils especially are more sensitive to oxidation and we recommend selling them within one year. The DISH BLOCK® bars have an indefinite shelf life (greater than 5 years). If you have particular questions about the freshness of products, please contact us.

Sales Help:

Natural products can seem complicated or intimidating to those who have not used them before. We are always happy to help with recommendations on the best way to sell our products to your customers. We manufacture our own products and have been selling our products directly to the public since Earth Day 2014.

Social Media and Promotion of YOU:

Our customers are always looking for local places to purchase their favorite products. We do not ship directly to customers in Canada, only to authorized retailers. We want to send customers to you! If you have a brick and mortar store, send us your #shelfies and pictures of our products in your location; we may share on social media so our customers know where to shop.

If you have an online store, we may re-post our favorite photos to our feed. Our social media handle is @notoxlife, and our hashtag is #notoxlife.

Right to sell:

We reserve the right to sell (or not) to any wholesale customer at our discretion. This overview of wholesale terms is a broad overview, and we may decide to stop selling to a wholesale customer based on other criteria. If you are unsure what we allow or have a question, just reach out to us and we’re happy to answer.

Updated Terms and Conditions:

If we need to amend these agreements, we'll update it here. You can check our website or email us at wholesale@notoxlife.ca for the latest info.

Last updated: October 2020