New larger warehouse in Canada & carbon neutral shipping

New larger warehouse in Canada & carbon neutral shipping

Our previous warehouse in Canada was great but the space was insufficient to keep up with our Canadian stores growing sales volume.

In order to keep products in stock year round, including through the busy holiday season, we have partnered with a new, larger warehouse to handle Canadian orders. 


canadian warehouse

Benefits of our new warehouse:

  • much larger space capacity, this means we can keep sufficient stock on hand so there aren't gaps in inventory
  • carbon neutral shipping options, including local couriers for some orders using electric vehicles
  • a much larger staff which means more flexible scheduling around COVID protocols and the ability to turn around orders fast despite taking precautions and people having time off
  • a fast order shipping standard - most orders will ship within 1-2 business days of placement (shipping occurs Monday-Friday)
  • cardboard and paper packaging on all master shipping boxes (the exception for the minute is anything in a fragile glass jar which is two products, these have bubble wrap on the outer case to prevent breakage). We are pushing the warehouse to find alternatives on that for the future. 

 The future:

  • Please give us your feedback on the new warehouse and how they are doing so we can continue improving the delivery service to you.
  • We will continue expanding our sales in Canada and with that, possibly have two or more warehouse locations simultaneously to have faster shipping transit times in all provinces. 
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