WHOLESALE - 🇨🇦 (Shipping via new Canadian Warehouse) 🇨🇦 - Approved Buyers Only

New Canadian Warehouse and FAST shipping

It has been a bit since we first launched our own distribution in Canada.

After about a year of that new system, we had repeated feedback that the shipping wasn't fast enough for our buyers, so we did something about it. 

We have now opened a new shipping location in Canada (Kelowna, BC), where all parcel-size orders will be shipping from. This new location is using both biodegradable and re-used packaging materials to be as low waste as possible. 

Orders are being shipped in 2-3 business days of placement, and transit time seems to be from 5-9 days for most buyers. This is around half the time of the previous shipping so we are excited to speed up delivery for everyone! 

We look forward to shipping your orders fast from here on out! If you are ordering over the holiday season, give yourself a bit of extra delivery time as Canada Post is likely going to be backed up soon due to high volumes of online shopping.