Canada Shipping and New Warehouse Update

Our new Canadian warehouse and website:

To provide better shipping and customs rates to our Canada buyers, we now have a warehouse in Alberta and orders will be shipping out of that warehouse in bulk every 2-4 weeks. 

We have a new Canadian wholesale site where all orders are in Canadian currency and GST/HST taxes are charged. HST/GST taxes are 100% refundable if you register properly with Canada Revenue. Customs and brokerage are included in the shipping cost and we have free shipping for orders over $1350 CAD. 

When the package(s) arrive to your store, no additional taxes, duties, brokerage or customs fees are due. 

Send us a quick email to if you need your login approved for your new Canadian No Tox Life wholesale account. 

Please note - the shipping transit time at checkout is incorrect, all orders ship in bulk every 2-4 weeks so check back on this page for the next estimated ship date.

Estimated Ship Dates from Alberta Warehouse:

- Orders estimated to be shipping week of Sept 8th-Sept 11th

- Orders estimated to be shipping week of Sept 28th-Oct 2nd

- Orders estimated to be shipping week of Oct 19th- Oct 23rd

- Additional batches regularly shipping every 2-4 weeks thereafter

How shipping date ranges work:

Canadian wholesale orders ship every 2-4 weeks, there may be delays of 1-2 weeks based on higher volume heading into the holidays. Products are made fresh in small batches and sometimes have to be made before the order can ship.

Please plan your orders in advance so the products can be produced if needed and added to the shipping queue. If you need your order by a specific date please tell the wholesale operations manager so we can give you an update on production and shipping times.  

Future steps for us to better help our Canadian stores:

We are actively discussing distribution with a few other Canadian distributors. If you have a favorite distributor please send along the contact to us and also mention to your rep that you'd like them to carry our line. 

Bilingual packaging is also on our radar as one of our next priorities.